Cake Shop in Manchester


Strawberry Heart

Belgian Milk Chocolate, Fresh Strawberries, Chocolate pearls, Icing sugar, Strawberry Gelato.


Banoffee Waffle

Belgian White Chocolate, Banana slices, Toffee sauce, Icing sugar, and Banana Gelato.

World Sensation waffle

Maple Syrup, Belgian Milk Chocolate, Fresh Strawberries, Raspberries, Banana slices, Strawberry Sauce and Strawberry Gelato.


the royal waffle

Melted Nutella, Crushed Ferrero Rocher and chopped nuts, Chocolate Gelato


maltesers monster waffle

Belgian milk chocolate, icing sugar, Maltesers, toffee sauce, vanilla gelato.

kinder Bueno waffle

Belgian white Milk chocolate, Kinder Bueno Pieces on a Fresh waffle, Melted Nutella Chocolate Topped with Chocolate Curls, and Vanilla Gelato.

Desire Forever

Belgian Milk Chocolate, Fresh Strawberries, Strawberry Sauce & Vanilla Gelato.

Naughty Nutella Waffle

Nutella Chocolate, Fresh Strawberries, Chocolate Pearls, and Vanilla Gelato


chocolate waffle

Belgian milk chocolate, melted Nutella, crushed Ferrero rocher topped with chocolate curls served with chocolate gelato.

orelotus waffle

Half & Half Waffle with White Milk and Belgian Milk Chocolate. Crushed Oreo and Lotus Biscuit as a topping. Served with Vanilla Gelato.

Chocoholic Waffle 

Belgian white Milk Chocolate, Melted Nutella, Crushed Ferrero Rocher topped with chocolate Curls served with Chocolate Gelato.


absolutely Ferrero 

Brown Cookie dough, Belgian Milk chocolate, chocolate Curls, Ferrero Rocher, Vanilla gelato.

half & half

Half chocolate chip cookie dough and Half white chocolate chip cookie dough, Belgian milk & white chocolate, fresh strawberries sauce with Vanilla gelato.

Lotus Cookie Dough 

Half chocolate chip cookie dough & half white Chocolate chip cookie dough topped with Lotus Spread and Crushed Lotus biscuits served with Cookie and Cream Gelato.

smooth operator

White Belgian & Raspberry cookie dough topped with Belgian White Chocolate and Raspberries, raspberry sauce with Vanilla gelato.

chocolate chip cookie dough

Brown cookie dough, Belgian milk chocolate, topped with chocolate curls, vanilla gelato.


white snow pancake

Marple syrup, Belgian white chocolate, icing sugar, banana slice, vanilla gelato 

Nutella pancake

Marple syrup, Belgian white chocolate, icing sugar, banana slice, vanilla gelato

chocolate pancake

Marple syrup, Belgian white chocolate, icing sugar, banana slice, vanilla gelato

lotus pancake – £6.50

Maple Syrup, Smooth Lotus spread, Crunched Lotus biscuits, Cookie and Cream Gelato.


Best Cake Makers in Manchester

Creams cake shop in Manchester is set up to serve you lip-smacking cakes & desserts in Manchester that you will remember for your life. We guarantee that you will come back to us every time for more cakes, tarts, brownies, cheesecakes, and much more. Because once tasted the cakes from our shop, it could never be forgotten ever.

We enjoy making customised cakes of your choice for any occasion. Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, farewell parties, Christmas, or any special events that you name, you can order tasty cakes from our shop.

To make the cakes we follow the traditional methods of baking to make unique desserts and cakes for you. We serve cakes with love and care & baking the best for you – always. Our team finds it a pleasure in delighting and entertaining you and your guests with numerous cake items. We strive to look forward to a long-lasting bond of commitment and reliability with justified cakes with perfect making, taste, and aroma.

We make Delicious Cakes in Manchester

Our Creams cake shop is known to serve the best cakes and desserts in Manchester because of the irresistible taste and the look. We add perfection that involves the dedication of mind-boggling ways to make it a unique one. At our cake shop, we make each of its layers bound to provoke your craving-inducing instincts. A perfect blend of aroma and taste that refills your taste buds is what we strive to achieve.

You may also order our cakes and desserts online from anywhere in Manchester. You are granting us the privilege of delivering delicious cakes at your doorsteps. We offer our baking according to your customized choices of food with perfect making and packing. We love to deliver happiness at your place with our cakes & desserts and make your celebration a memorable one.

Browse through our cakes menu until you find your piece. Let us know the kind of customization we need to make in your ordered cake. We will give you the best.