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Best hot coffees


Topped with steamed milk and microfoam. Dusted with chocolate powder as per customer desire.


A real black coffee made from 2 shots of espresso added with boiling water. Best served with Milk or Cream.


Best place for CREAMS’s Coffee Lovers with freshly ground double espresso added with steamed milk with a fine and thin layer of micro foam.


Flat white

Espresso macchiato

Chai latte

A sensational drink crafted with steamed milk and chai, Topped with Cinnamon powder to enhance its best flavour.

Caffe mocha

Mixed with rich chocolate topped with steamed milk. Also best served with Cream and chocolate powder on Customer demand.


Nothing more than our classic espresso shots.

Espresso Con - Panna

Our double espresso shots finished with whipped cream.

Dirty Chai Latte

Fabulous combination of our premium double shot espresso and Chai latte added with hot milk

Hot chocolate

Our other signature drink made with rich chocolate with steamed milk. Best served with cream and Marshmallows.

We Offer Best Afternoon Tea

At Our Place, all Teas are available in Pot , Mug or Cup

English Breakfast Tea

Decaffeinated English Breakfast Tea

Green Tea


Earl Grey


Lemon & Ginger


Marshmallows (Halal)

White and Pink Fluffy mini Marshmallows .

Coffee Syrup

Vanilla | Sugar-free caramel | Salted Caramel | Sugar-free Vanilla | Caramel | Hazelnut | Mint

Lactose-Free Milk Options

Soya | Oat | Almond

Iced coffees

Iced latte

Milk poured over ice cubes topped with freshly ground Two shots of espresso.

Iced mocha

Another ICED coffee with two espresso shots and Belgian Milk chocolate on Ice cubes and milk.

Iced americano

Ice cubes topped with cold water and double espresso, Served black and with milk.

Iced chai latte

Frappe latte

Blended ice cubes with Double Shot Espresso, Milk, frappe mix, and our classic Vanilla Ice cream.

Frappe mocha

Our Slushy and Creamy frappe mocha is made with double shot of espresso, milk, Ice cubes, Vanilla Ice cream, and Belgian milk Chocolate, which takes you to the next level.

Oreo frappuccino

Our another cold coffee with a taste of OREO is a perfect combination of frappe coffee and OREO flavour.

Iced dirty chai latte

Freshly Grilled Panini

chicken panini in manchester

Nigella cajun chicken panini ( Halal )

tomato pesto panini in manchester

Nigella tomato pesto panini

Nigella tuna sweetcorn panini

Nigella halalTurkeyrashers panini

Mashroom & emmental toastie

Nachos in Manchester

Nachos with melted cheese

Toastie in Manchester

Cheese Toastie

Chicken Cheese Toastie

Cakes & Custards

Choco Cake


Jam spung pudding

Vegan lotus

Biscoff cheesecake


Redvelvet cake

Vegan & gluten-free tart

Chocolate fudge cake

Served with belgian milk chocolate

Carrot cake

Sticky toffee pudding

Hot custard tub

Jam roly-poly


World sensation

Maple Syrup, Belgian Milk Chocolate, Fresh Strawberries, Raspberries, Banana slices, Strawberry Sauce and Strawberry Gelato.


Half & Half Waffle with White Milk and Belgian Milk Chocolate. Crushed Oreo and Lotus Biscuit as a topping. Served with Vanilla Gelato.

Kinder Bueno

Belgian white Milk chocolate, Kinder Bueno Pieces on a Fresh waffle, Melted Nutella Chocolate Topped with Chocolate Curls, and Vanilla Gelato.


Belgian white Milk Chocolate, Melted Nutella, Crushed Ferrero Rocher topped with chocolate Curls served with Chocolate Gelato.

Sweet & Simple

Desire forever

Belgian Milk Chocolate, Fresh Strawberries, Strawberry Sauce & Vanilla Gelato.

Strawberry heart

Belgian Milk Chocolate, Fresh Strawberries, Chocolate pearls, Icing sugar, Strawberry Gelato.


Belgian White Chocolate, Banana slices, Toffee sauce, Icing sugar, and Banana Gelato.

Naughty nutella

Nutella Chocolate, Fresh Strawberries, Chocolate Pearls, and Vanilla Gelato


Belgian milk chocolate, melted Nutella, crushed Ferrero rocher topped with chocolate curls served with chocolate gelato.

The royal

Melted Nutella, Crushed Ferrero Rocher and chopped nuts, Chocolate Gelato

Maltesers monster

Belgian milk chocolate, icing sugar, Maltesers, toffee sauce, vanilla gelato.

Maltesers monster

Belgian milk chocolate, icing sugar, Maltesers, toffee sauce, vanilla gelato.

Cookie Dough

Absolutely ferrero

Brown Cookie dough, Belgian Milk chocolate, chocolate Curls, Ferrero Rocher, Vanilla gelato.

Smooth operator

White Belgian & Raspberry cookie dough topped with Belgian White Chocolate and Raspberries, raspberry sauce with Vanilla gelato.

Half & Half

Half chocolate chip cookie dough and Half white chocolate chip cookie dough, Belgian milk & white chocolate, fresh strawberries sauce with Vanilla gelato.

Chocolate chip cookie dough

Brown cookie dough, Belgian milk chocolate, topped with chocolate curls, vanilla gelato.

Lotus cookie dough

Half chocolate chip cookie dough & half white Chocolate chip cookie dough topped with Lotus Spread and Crushed Lotus biscuits served with Cookie and Cream Gelato.


White Snow Pancake

Marple syrup, Belgian white chocolate, icing sugar, banana slice, vanilla gelato

Chocolate pancake

Marple syrup, Belgian white chocolate, icing sugar, banana slice, vanilla gelato

Nutella pancake

Marple syrup, Belgian white chocolate, icing sugar, banana slice, vanilla gelato

Lotus pancake

Maple Syrup, Smooth Lotus spread, Crunched Lotus biscuits, Cookie and Cream Gelato.

Vegan & Gluten Free

Vegan Carrot & Pistachio Cake

Vegan & Gluten-Free Chocolate & Coconut Tart

Vegan & Gluten-Free Vanilla Cheesecake

Vegan Lotus Cheese Cake

Gluten Free Chocolate Brownie

Ice Creams Menu

Vegan mango


Mint chocolate chip



Vegan coconut




Cookies & creams


Milkshakes in Manchester

Oreo shake

Nutella & ferrero

Salted caramel

Bubblegum shake


Kinder shake

Lotus biscuit

Vanilla shake

Vegan Milkshakes

Protein Shakes

High Protein With Less Sugar

Vanilla protein booster

Chocolate protein booster

Strawberry protein booster

Banana protein booster


Cookies & creams

Belgian milk chocolate, cookies & cream gelato, Madagascan vanilla gelato & toffee sauce with crushed oreo cookies.

Strawberry sundae

Madagascan strawberry gelato, fresh strawberries with strawberry sauce, Belgian milk chocolate sauce, Chocolate pearls.

Chocolate ferrero sundae

Chocolate gelato & hazelnut gelato combined, entwined with nuts, & chocolate pearls. Layered with Nutella sauce. Finished with Ferrero Rocher.

Gift Box

Strawberry gift box

Fresh Strawberries dipped in Belgian milk chocolate and White melted Chocolate presented in our gift box finished with different flavoured toppings

Macaron gift box 18

Selection of different Fresh French Macarons put together to make delicious and adoring gift boxes.

Chocolate gift box 18

Coffee Beans

Fresh macaron box of 24

Macaron gift box 8

Luxury chocolate box of 18

Luxury chocolate box of 24

Delicious combination of Milk and white chocolates are presented in a very delightful way.

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