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How Does a Cup of Coffee Makes You Happy?

Coffee is the best friend to many of us – at work, with friends, or at home. Getting out and having coffee with loved ones is the best way to share our feelings, become productive at work, get creative thoughts and more. The first cup of hot, bitter and sweet coffee you had could have tasted awful initially. But, we develop the craving for the taste and a cup of coffee is enough to get alerted, and we can’t resist grabbing that one cup.

Have you ever thought – why does coffee make us joyful? Let us see if there is any science behind happiness.

According to some studies, coffee signals the brain to release dopamine. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter found in the brain that produces feelings of happiness, contentment, satisfaction, and feels good factor in a person. It is the chemical that makes a person cheerful and pleasant. There are many other chemicals in coffee that plan a vital role in making us happy. 2-Ethylphenol is another chemical found in coffee. It helps to keep us active and alert.

Another chemical is 3,5 Dicaffeoylquinic acid that helps to protect us from neuron damage. Did you know that coffee also contains Trigonelline, a form of vitamin B3 that fights against the cavity-causing bacteria in our mouth? Vitamin B3, Niacin helps in cell rejuvenation and prevents dementia, and it is also present in the coffee. In short, drinking a cup of coffee has many health benefits.

Neurochemical, Adenosine makes a person feel sleepy and turns us down when tired. Scientists confirm that drinking coffee makes us happy because it interferes with Adenosine. When you have coffee, it helps the receptors to detect adenosine neurotransmitters and prevents the activities, getting sleepy and staying alert. And in turn, it drives the production of neurotransmitters in the brain and releases stimulants– dopamine and glutamate in the body. These stimulants help the person to feel happy.

It is crucial to know the best time to have coffee. A cup of coffee can keep you alert for 6 hours. So, if you need a good night sleep, it is recommended not to drink coffee in the late part of the day. Having coffee after 2 or 3 pm will affect the activities of the adenosine neurotransmitter.

Coffee is addictive and makes us feel wonderful when we drink it. Hence, ensure to consume coffee in moderation. Drinking coffee frequently over time will lose its effectiveness. Initially, you might have just a cup of coffee, which slowly increases in number from 2, 3, and more.

And this is because the person will build up the tolerance to the amount taken usually. You might have to increase the quantity of coffee to get the same effect. Take a break from coffee in between for the neurotransmitter to get reset. You might not be able to resistant to the urge and even get symptoms such as headaches. But, it helps you to have less coffee to make you happy when you resume the habit.

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