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Coffee and Desserts That Go So Well Together

In their coffee, some people like sugar. With their coffee, some prefer sugar in the form of dessert. There is no doubt that dessert was designed to be eaten with a caffeine kick, whether it was a chocolate doughnut or lemon pie. But how much do we ever think about which desserts are better matched with which coffee types?

Sugary snacks are fantastic on their own, but they join together to make what is known as strong pairs when they’re combined with coffee. These combinations give unbeatable flavour to your taste buds. In the dessert sector, here are some of the best power pairs.

1. Apple Pie and Honey Coffee With

What dreams are made of is the hot and cold contrast of a hot apple pie and a vanilla ice cream scoop? A cup of coffee is the only way to make things even better-but not just any cup. You are really pleasuring your taste buds when you combine the fruity flavours of pie with a medium roast coffee doused in honey. You don’t even have to feel guilty pouring it into your drink because honey is a natural sweetener.

2. Spicy Coffee and Cinnamon Buns

Try serving warm cinnamon buns with fluffy vanilla frosting alongside a steaming cup of coffee, to end a meal on a bold note. Choose a Colombian coffee roast with natural spicy undertones, and for extra punch, add a splash of cinnamon to your cup.

3. Fudge Cake and Coffee with Dark Roast

There’s no doubt that when you love a moist, chocolaty fudge cake, you need something sweet to wash it down with. Try mixing an equally rich cup of coffee with this decadent dessert. You will be able to fully enjoy the full flavour with a dark roast with little to no cream or sugar.

4. Espresso and Biscotti

There is an explanation of why, in Italian culture, this pairing is always chosen. For those who do not have much of a sweet tooth, but still need a light snack to wrap up a meal, it is a great dessert. For an extra kick of spice, you can also add assorted fruits, including raspberries and strawberries, on the side.

Best served with Earl Grey or lemon herbal tea, lemon Ginger Blueberry Muffins in Earl Grey tea, the citrus notes in the muffins play well with the bergamot. But you could also combine them with any herbal tea combination of lemon or ginger for a subtle pairing of tea that you will completely enjoy. Berry or vanilla teas and coffees are better enjoyed with Sweetheart Raspberry Cinnamon Rolls. The dessert’s combination of raspberry, cinnamon and vanilla notes ensures that a variety of teas and coffees will fit well.

Coffee served with dessert instead of after it could soon be a trend seen in more restaurants since top pastry chefs and coffee suppliers are trying to find the ideal matches for coffee and dessert. It is probably easier than you think to select the correct dessert pairing for coffee or tea.

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