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Flavours of Coffee – What’s Yours?

Coffee comes in dozens of flavours. When the rightly roasted coffee beans are perfectly brewed, you get the right flavoured coffee.

Components that affect the flavour of coffee:


1. Coffee plant species

So, if we are talking about the origin of the coffee flavours, the species of the coffee plant makes the primary difference in the taste. For instance, Arabica coffees have a pleasant acidity and sophisticated flavour with a higher percentage of lipids, and Robusta, on the other hand, has double caffeine content. There are several subspecies and many more varieties that give us different flavours.

2. Coffee plant habitat

The habitat such as the altitude, climate, temperature, amount of rainfall received, soil, and fertilizer variations – all affect the flavour of the coffee beans used in brewing coffee.

3. The processing method of coffee beans

The processing method affects the taste of coffee to a larger extend, as the washed coffees have pleasant acidity, bright in flavour and light in the body. On the other hand, the dry-processed coffees or the natural coffees have sweetness with rich fruits or chocolate influenced flavours.

When the two processing methods are combined a pulped natural coffee is the result with some rounded acidity, with intensely fruity and sweet flavoured.

4. Roasting of coffee beans

The aroma and the taste of the coffee also depend on the level of roasting that is done. The lighter roasted one preserve the herb and fruity taste, while the smoky or the burnt one in the darker roasts increases the aroma and reduces the acidity.

Now, let’s quickly check the different types of coffee flavours:


Are you a newbie to coffee? Try Mocha such as Frappuccino, lattes, or peppermint mochas, which is basically hot cocoa with a hint of coffee flavour that will make you coffee lovers. It is the perfect starting one to get to know how addicted you could be for the coffee.

Caramel Macchiato

The bliss flavour of steamed milk, espresso, and caramel is the favorite of any coffee lovers. It has a bold taste of creamy caramel with a strong coffee flavour. You may even try an extra shot of espresso for a bolder combination.

Pumpkin Spice

There is nothing best than sipping the delicious pumpkin spice latte on a cold day. It is the best choice to keep you warm and cosy during the winter season. Pumpkin spice is considered to be the basic flavour and is provided as a limited time offer in many places. Ensure to grab it when you find them on the menu.


Hazelnut is one of the underrated flavour of coffee, yet it meshes with the bold flavour of any roast of coffee. Hazelnut is not a popular flavour and is not chosen by many. But, it is used as the hot beverage staple of many coffee shops across the globe. It gives that perfect flavour of roasted black coffee but is used to make the delicious lattes and macchiato.

French Vanilla

French Vanilla is the most popular and bold flavour of the coffee. It is simple yet adds sweetness to any medium or even lightly roasted coffee. The best part of French coffee is that it can be combined with other flavours like the caramel or hazelnut to create a new flavour – latte, Frappuccino, or macchiato.

The coffee flavours are unlimited. Let us know which is your favourite and we will ensure to have the best one made for you!

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