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Interesting Coffee Rituals From Around the World

Most of us across the globe blend together own ingredients to make out a precious delicious cup of coffee. There are various ways people brew and serve coffee all around the world. This universal beverage is said to have firstly invented in Ethiopia. It was then exported toother parts of the world and liked by everyone. During this migration, unique regional traditions were cultivated for brewing, preparing, and the way of enjoying the most liked cup of coffee.

Let us take a look at the different coffee rituals from around the world briefly:


Ethiopians love the coffee and have even announced it as the national drink of their country. The traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony is a lengthy procedure – from washing and roasting the beans and serving three rounds of coffee.

Three serving of coffee is made separately, and each of them named as aboltona, and Baraka – which means “to be blessed”. Each serving of the coffee gets gradually weaker than the previous one.

Abol is the most condensed and the most-strongest coffee, and the second round of coffee tona is made by adding fresh water to the same ground. And, the last round, Baraka is made.

The guest can add sugar, salt spiced clarified butter to their coffee and may even season it with cardamom and fenugreek or fresh herb rue, and roasted barley or popcorn customarily served with the coffee. During this elaborate coffee ceremony, they roast the and ground the coffee bean use the clay pot called a jebena to brew the coffee in front of their guest. This clay pot makes all the difference of the taste of coffee – round taste- bold, bit sweet and very creamy and nutty.


You find the people in Vietnam drinking coffee many times in a day, every day. It is the way how people in Vietnam like to spend time and socialise.

The traditional way of brewing coffee is by using a tin, aluminium or stainless steel filter known as Phin, which is placed on top of a glass. The coffee brew is like espresso, thick and concentrated. It is strong, with a robust flavour, – chocolate and nutty. This because they use the typical Robusta beans, that have less sugar and fat, and twice the caffeine content than Arabica beans.

The three styles of coffee served in Vietnam are:

  • black coffee
  • coffee with condensed milk
  • iced coffee with condensed milk


Have you heard of the popular Turkish saying – ‘Coffee should be as black as hell, as strong as death and as sweet as love’?

The coffee is served after every meal in Turkey. The small brass or copper pot with long handle known as cezve is used to pour the Turkish coffee. The finely ground coffee is heated with water in the open flame, and the final product you get is the foamy and strong coffee. The beverage is served unfiltered along with the Turkish candy and a glass of water to avoid the bitterness of the coffee.

The coffee and this brewing method were brought in by Ottomans back with them from Yemen. Turkish believes in hospitality, and coffee is an indispensable part of welcoming their guest.

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