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The History of Milkshake

Ice cream is much older than milkshakes. More people were able to make it at the home kitchen when Nancy Johnson invented the hand-cranking freezer to make ice cream in 1846. She used a wooden bucket of ice and salt in the tub with a paddle was placed to churn the ice.

So, are you interested to know the history of milkshakes?

Back then, milkshakes were made as a type of alcoholic eggnog drink using whisky, eggs and milk. And it was not a family-friendly or child-friendly drink!

The modern version of our milkshake is the famous mouth-watering drink, in which the alcohol was replaced with syrup, ice-cream and milk mixed. And it was safer for children to have. 1897, William Horlick in Wisconsin invented the health drink for children, the malted drink and name it Horlicks that contained evaporated milk, malted barley and wheat powder. Eventually, the alteration was done by adding chocolate syrup for an added flavour.

However, they weren’t easy to make. In 1911, Hamilton Beach invented a drink mixer that made milkshakes easier to prepare.

But, it was not easy to make the milkshake at home. It was Hamilton Beach who invented a drink mixer in the year 1911 to make the process of milkshake easier. In 1922, Polish immigrant Stephen Poplawski developed an automatic malt milk mixer, the modern blender we use today.

At the same year, during the hot summer days, a Chicago drugstore, the Walgreens employee Ivar “Pop” Coulson set off his revolution by pouring vanilla ice cream to the regular malted milk drinks.

And in the 1930s, when the Freon cooled fridge was invented, multiple shakes could be made at once, with soft-serve ice creams. Milkshake had become the favourite drink and was available in the US drugstores, soda fountains, lunch bars, drive through, roadhouses, and any food stalls. Milkshakes were made under different names, with endless flavours. It was sold in tall glasses with the straws to slurp, decorated with umbrella and strawberry sticking out of it. Then bendable straws were invented to slurp up the shakes that are too thick to drink. When Joseph Friedman found that his daughter was having difficulty having the milkshake from the straight straw, invented the bent straw.

Friedman altered the straw by inserting a screw and then wrapping the dental floss around the screw thread. It helped the straw bend over the end of the glass, and Judith found it easier to drink her milkshake. Friedman was granted the patent of the bent straw or the Flexible Drinking straw on 28th September 1937.

These drinks were even named wildly such as concrete – the drink that was thick and the glass could be help upside down without even spilling a single drop. Other crazy ones were – frosted drinks, frappes, velvets, cabinets and much more. There are variations of shakes available now – topped with whipped cream, ice creams and other sweets.

So, what is your favourite flavour of milkshake? Let us know.

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